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Agora Tire Introduces Amberstone Radial Tire Line

Agora Tire has been appointed by Springpark Americas (a division of Springpark International ) as a North American dealer for the Patron Saint Bias ply tires and the Amberstone Radial Tires. Produced in China these tires have been thoroughly field tested and are backed by a 3000 hour warranty.

The Amberstone tires come in Truck and Bus sizes as well us OTR and crane sizes as well.  In the OTR sizes Amberstone is avaiable in most 25 sizes including L4 loader tires.  Amberstone is also now producing 18.00R33 tires and will be in full production on 24.00R35 tires in May. 27.00R49 tires are anticipated to be in full production by October 2007.

The Patron Saint tire is produced in OTR sizes from 25 to 57 tires.

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