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Agora Tire Now a Distributor of Dipetane

Simply stated, Dipetane gives you More Miles with Less Fuel.

Dipetane is different from any other fuel product you have been searching for to get your engine driving you farther and running cleaner. Dipetane reduces your fuel costs by improving fuel economy from 10% to 15%. Dipetane releases more energy from your fuel, resulting in more power and better mileage. It also burns the carbons that would normally cause carbon deposit build-up, therefore extending both your oil and engine life.
Proven in over 100 million miles of service, Dipetane improves fuel economy, reduces emissions, extends oil life and reduces engine wear.

At the heart of Dipetane’s ability to increase fuel economy 10% to 15% is its more efficient and complete fuel burn. The result is increased energy release and a longer, more powerful expansion in the combustion chamber.

In the combustion process, most of the fuel is burned. Any unburned residual needs to be exhausted or “washed out”, which is presently accomplished with detergents, or in the case of severe clogging, through the use of injector cleaners. However, these solutions are miles behind the effectiveness of Dipetane.

Dipetane takes a unique approach. When mixed into gasoline, diesels and heavier fuel oils, Dipetane actually causes much more of the fuel to be burned. By burning more fuel, more energy is released therefore reducing the amount of fuel required to perform the same amount of work. In addition, fewer emissions are left un-combusted and fewer contaminants work their way into the oil.

Dipetane burns so much of the fuel that instead of adding carbon deposits (primarily unburned asphaltine molecules) to the surfaces of the combustion chamber, deposits are radically reduced. The combustion process is comprised of severe changes in heat and pressure. These changes actually buffet the existing carbon deposits and as they lose adhesion, they are gradually eroded away. Absent of the deposits, more oxygen is freed up for the combustion process and heat is reduced. At this stage, not only is your engine is cleaner, you’re traveling farther and extending the life of your vehicle. The removal of Combustion Chamber Deposits (CCD’s) makes Dipetane different from many other products.
After the combustion chamber is cleaned up, increased power and more efficient use of fuel reduces the amount of fuel required to perform the same amount of work. The incredible result is better fuel economy!

Dipetane is going to save you money – big money.

Dipetane treated fuel is the best fuel your engines can burn. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time testing other products. If there was something better, we would be telling you about it.

In fuel savings alone, Dipetane will save you more than 2-3 times its cost! Add to that reduced engine wear, longer lasting oil and filters and the cost savings expand even more.

Visualize this: 1 in 10 of your vehicles fueling for free.
No black diesel smoke
Longer lasting equipment

Proven Performance
Over 100 million miles of usage has proven Dipetane to be safe and effective.

We tested over 1,000 products and found that Dipetane proved to be the best. It could not be beaten. As a matter of fact, Dipetane is the only fuel product that met all of our performance and safety requirements.

Removes CCD’s
Combustion Chamber Deposits (CCD’s) absorb oxygen, increase combustion temperatures and comprise the wear particles that scuff cylinder sleeves. Free up that oxygen and the chamber burns fuel like new. Remove the wear particle and the engine lasts longer.

Dipetane is non hazardous and non corrosive. Dipetane is safe in all recommended applications

Meets All Fuel Specifications
Because Dipetane only contains approved fuel components, Dipetane-treated fuel meets all manufacturer and regulatory fuel specifications.

Eliminates Diesel Smoking
Normally, visible diesel smoke is caused by partially clogged fuel injectors that drip fuel into the chamber instead of atomizing it. The dripped fuel doesn’t burn well resulting in black smoke. With Dipetane’s ability to keep your engine running clean, you’ll never have to worry about clogged fuel injectors!

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