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OTR Tire Consulting


Agora Tire is interested in providing more than just OTR tires for your mining operations. Agora is interested in developing solutions to assist you with managing your tires through our exclusive partnerships, Agora Tire provides OTR/Earthmover tire management services which are completely independent of any tire manufacturer.

With a wealth of experience in the mining and quarry industries our partners work closely with management teams to apply practical OTR tire management initiatives and solutions to reduce tire costs and optimize tire performance.

Our OTR and Earthmover Tire Management and Consulting activities focus on:

  • Increasing the bottom line by lowering costs and increasing production
  • Mine site audits to evaluate current practices and establishing a “Plan Forward” based on baseline performance data
  • Establishing a tire committee that involves all tire suppliers to create a system of accountability and open channels of communication between suppliers and management
  • Evaluate and minimize operational issues regarding tires and truck components (ie: shocks, struts, chassis)
  • On-site training of staff at all levels from upper-management to workshop personnel including tire management personnel, haul road design personnel, equipment operators, and all levels of management
  • Warranty Management and Warranty Advocacy
  • Recommendation for tire selection/supplies
  • Fuel conservation/Emissions Reductions: “Environmental Responsibility”
  • Minimize overall operating costs/”Cost Per Hour”
  • Creating longevity of equipment


Volume 6 in Caterpillar’s Safety Basics video series, this 2007 video emphasizes the importance of proper tire maintenance, and details the critical role that tires play in everyday safety. (4 minutes)