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WHAT DO YOU SAY? – Questions for those engaged in the OTR Tire Shortage

Those in the OTR tire or mining industry should all now be aware of the ongoing tire shortage.

Over the past 18 months I have been travelling the globe in an effort to source tires and provide solutions to mining companies. As these shortages have been upon us since late 2003 – early 2004 I find it very ironic that now, late 2007 that many mining companies are still ignoring the issue and running tires to destruction. Surely to retread these giants would be a better option?

On another note, many companies do not seem to manage tires well enough to use the full tread of their tires. I have seen companies scrap tire piles with up to 80 percent of the tires showing as premature failures due to poor tire management. Why does this continue to happen?

Just think of how many thousands of tires worldwide put back into the system by way of retreading or better management, how this would impact the shortage?

Many of you will answer these questions with the word economics. My reply would be how this can be as most tires related issues will have a direct affect to the operational efficiency of the mine and also the maintenance schedule of the machinery.
It is not my intention to be controversial, having been involved in the industry now for 25 years I have a real passion toward the OTR tire industry and these are some questions that have remained unanswered in my mind for a number of years.

Come on please can someone put my mind at rest.

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